• 1

    What is Scrum?

    • The Scrum Framework [VIDEO]

    • What is the Purpose of The Scrum Guide? [LINK]

  • 2

    Defining the Product Owner

    • What is a Product Owner? [VIDEO]

    • Qualities of Product Owner [VIDEO]

    • Mike Cohn: The Product Owner Role [LINK]

    • Roman Pichler: 8 Tips for Collaborating with the Development Team [LINK]

    • The Six Ways a Product Owner Should Collaborate with the Scrum Master [LINK]

    • Agile Best Practices: Release Planning [VIDEO]

    • The Importance of a Scrum Goal [LINK]

    • Product Owner vs Product Manager [LINK]

  • 3

    Product Vision

    • Writing a Product Vision Statement [LINK]

    • 10 Tips for Product Owners on the Product Vision [LINK]

    • Roman Pichler: 8 Tips for Creating a Successful Product Vision [LINK]

    • How to Create a Convincing Product Vision for Your Team [LINK]

  • 4

    Backlog: Development / Prioritization (Ordering) / Refinement

    • What is a Product Backlog? [LINK]

    • What is Roadmapping? How Can It Benefit Your Organization? [VIDEO]

    • How to Plan Your Product Design Activities [LINK]

    • Prioritizing Your Product Features in Agile Release Planning [VIDEO]

    • How to Prioritize the Product Backlog Using MoSCoW Method [LINK]

    • Avoiding Prioritization Pitfalls [LINK]

    • Mike Cohn: Product Backlog Refinement [LINK]

    • Backlog Refinement is a Team Responsibility [LINK]

    • Cheat Sheet for Backlog Refinement [LINK]

  • 5

    Stakeholder Interaction

    • Product Owner - Stakeholder Interactions [DOWNLOADABLE POSTER]

    • 10 Tips for Product Owners on Stakeholder Management [LINK]

    • Working with Stakeholders [LINK]

    • The Product Owner is Not a Stakeholder [LINK]

  • 6

    Wrap Up

    • be Agile. be Empowered. be Lithe.

    • Product Owner: Scrum Certification Study Guide | Feedback Form

  • 7

    Bonus Material

    • [BONUS] What is the Difference Between Scrum and Kanban?

    • [BONUS] Scrum: A Pocket Guide

    • [BONUS] Are you ready? Take the Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) exam!

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